Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OOOOppppsss I Did it again !!!

Hello all, I am curious  about  this .What do you do to make Him/ Her  Mad at you ? I've been out of the relationship game (yep game...kinda like Chinese checkers )  for sometime. So last year as some of you may well know, some kinda demon invaded my mind. I decided I thought I needed the presence of  a MAN in my life...Well everything goes along good  as long as  I keep my mouth SHUT .....Annnnnddddddd You all know  by now ...I am a Vocal person   say what  I think / Feel.......Welll I get carried away  get in trouble  he gives me the silent treatment  .
So anyway  give me input  one and all .What  do  you do to make your Hunny mad? What does he do when he gets mad ?

1 comment:

  1. i do lots of things to make my hubby mad. i get lazy & take a day off from cleaning & that really does the trick..lol :)